Gudrun Publishing was established in Reykjavik in 1992. The company then branched out to Scandinavia and Gudrun books are now represented in museums and bookshops right across Scandinavia and the UK, where the main warehouse is located.

The running of the company is mostly in Reykjavik, but has a representation in London. The main focus is on classical texts and books on art, always presented in a manner that appeals to the non-specialist. Books from Gudrun Publishing have been through the years very popular and the list of art books is growing steadily through co-operation with museums all over the world.

The Art Souvenir series are affordable books about important artists, presented in a way to inspire the general public.

Books from Gudrun Publishing have been widely used as company gifts both to business associates all over the world as well as christmas presents to staff closer to home.

The guiding principles of the company is that we want all our books to be crafted with the highest quality in every way, from the presentation of the text through the design and the printing itself.

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